Food Hunter Judy’s Recipe 〜Korean Spicy Cucumber〜

( 日本語版は下記のリンクをポチって下さい♡
  食いしん坊Judyのもぐもぐ探検記 ~きゅうりの和え物~ )

Hi, guys♡

Recently, I cook dinner for my family, and today I just come up with an idea that I share tasty recipes for not only recommending to you guys but also taking records as my one of fabulous cuisine.

I highly try this recipe to you guys whoever read this blog!

Btw, the one I share you today is super duper easy to cook and there is no special technique.

Please enjoy reading this article, and try this recipe of Korean Spicy and Sour Cucumber!

~Korean Spicy Cucumber~




Salt 1TBS
Chili Powder 2TBS
Soy Source 1TBS
Vinegar 2TBS
Sugar 1/2TBS
Sour Plum Vinegar( just vinegar is also available) 1TBS
Minced Garlic 1/2TBS
Grounded Sesame Seed 1TBS
Sesame Oil 1/2TBS


Chop board
Tray (bowl is also available)
Kitchen paper
Table Spoon


After rinsing a cucumber,
peel off its thorn,
and please note that remain its peel.

Slice the cucumber with diagonal cut,
and please note that slice it in thick for enjoying texture.
In addition, cut those sliced piece in half.

Cut a onion thickly into wedges.
Mix these onion and cucumbers into a tray.
Sprinkle some salt and mix it again,
Just leave it for 20mins. 

Throw these salted piece of cucumber and onion in to a sieve,
and rinse them well by water.

Absorb the moisture well with kitchen papers.

Move it to the bowl,
and coloring it by adding hot chili powder.
Mix it well.

Then, add soy source, vinegar, sugar, 
sour plum vinegar, minced garlic, and grounded sesame seed.
Make it sure to mix it well for seasoning.

Lastly, pour the sesame oil into the bowl and mix it moderately.

Now it’s time to be served!

FYI: Pics of this recipe will be posted in a couple of days!

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